Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mauling Jon Lovitz

Time magazine's biggest gift to our little genre is the iconic 1957 cover portrait of Charles Van Doren (of Twenty One notoriety). But the magazine - or the web site, who reads paper magazines any more? - still occasionally deigns to notice silly little game shows. Time just posted a long and interesting contestant story from 100K Pyramid player Sean Gregory.

To spoil the suspense immediately, I'll reveal that Sean won big with a major assist from celeb partner Jon Lovitz. Mr. Gregory blanked out on the final clue in the winners circle, but Mr. Lovitz nailed the answer from nowhere and got a big hug (or mauling) for his trouble. "Things that hold water" was the winning clue, just for the record.

Sean's article recounts his lifelong affection for Pyramid. He even played an impromptu version of the game with his college basketball teammates. He omits the fact that GSN still runs the old Dick Clark eps, but you can't squeeze everything into a Time article. Or maybe he just doesn't get GSN from his cable provider.

By the way, Sean is diplomatic about the other celeb player on his episode, Deion Sanders. But you can sort of figure out that Deion wasn't the greatest Pyramid player ever.

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