Friday, September 30, 2016

Long strange trip

John Kiesewetter, a local Cincinnati media critic, has penned a long retrospective on the pictured gentleman.

Twice Kiesewetter refers to Jerry Springer as "loveable" back in his Cincy political days. John is trying to be nice. He well knows that a lot of Cincinnatians found Jerry much less than lovable, then and now.

Interestingly, Springer's main effort in our little genre only gets a throwaway reference. Baggage receives a quick brushoff as "a Game Show Network series." True enough, but the dating epic has developed a surprisingly good reputation. I put it on my list of the 50 top game shows, and the series even got a favorable nod from HBO's Girls.

Maybe it's because the show was quite mild compared to Springer's ridiculous talk-and-punch extravaganza. At least there were no fisticuffs, and Baggage made good use of the suitcase reveal (lifted, of course, from Deal or No Deal).

Jerry has also hosted The Price is Right's live show many times. I've even seen him make a (sadly incompetent) appearance on Celebrity Name Game. Some guys just seem to fit into game shows.


  1. Did you have to delete that last comment about the ratings for a reason, Casey?

    1. I've warned you about spamming this blog with demands for soap opera ratings. This is not a soap opera blog. I've also warned you about spamming multiple entries with you asinine demands for GSN schedules. I post the GSN schedules as soon as I get them, as I have repeatedly said.

      Your entries long ago ceased to be amusing. I will allow you one demand per week for the GSN pdfs, but no more. And I won't allow ANY stupid demands for soap opera ratings.