Friday, September 9, 2016

Long live Game Show Forum!

Lord knows I've had a lot of less than complimentary things to say about Game Show Forum. And they've drubbed me a few times, too. But I don't have any problems praising the board's latest set of choices in their slowly unfolding list of the 50 greatest game shows. From my post on Game Show Paradise...

Maybe I should take back all of the nasty things I've been saying about Game Show Forum! Oh well, I won't go quite that far (wink). But today's set of five shows 26 through 30 has an absolutely brilliant choice that somewhat redeems all the mediocre, overrated oldies the board is so fond of. And the other four picks are just fine, too. Numbers 26 through 30: The Chase, Newlywed Game, I've Got a Secret, Beat the Clock, Win Ben Stein's Money.

For once I can't disagree with any of these shows. Oh, Beat the Clock isn't my favorite format. I like the addition of the money tree in Minute To Win It (which of course won't make GSF's list). But BtC is hardly a bad selection.

Needless to say but I'll say it anyway, The Chase is the real goodie. The placement is still way too low - as I've said, I would put it in the top ten. But I was worried it would miss out altogether on the oldies board. I was also a little anxious that Win Ben Stein's Money would miss out, but it landed almost exactly where it did on the 2006 list. I've Got a Secret is my favorite of the old black and white shows - I'm enjoying the reruns on Buzzr - so I would like to have seen it in the top twenty. Same for Newlywed Game, the best of the relationship shows, in my opinion. But these are quibbles. All in all, this is easily the best set of five so far. No clunkers that only get on GSF's honor roll because they're old.


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  2. Casey Abell, I WANT THE SOAP OPERA RATINGS FROM LAST WEEK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!