Saturday, September 10, 2016

Knowing GSN

The sites on my blogroll tend to be pretty staid.

They're mostly standard blogs, comment boards, Facebook pages, and wikis. Nothing too outlandish. Except for GSN The know. You might call this blog the madcap, bouncing-off-the-ceiling counterpart to Game Show Network News.

A guy named Pierre Jason Kelly in Memphis, TN runs GSN The know. The blog careens from wildly off-topic (and off the wall) notes - There's been a three-car fender bender due in part to a red shell accident on Halstrom Road, you may want to use Lee avenue as a alternate route unless there's a banana or a moving green shell towards it - to calmer discussions of GSN news and views. This typical post mashes up ratings analysis - the network keeps Idiotest around to hold down the median viewer age - with comments on the political leanings of GSN hosts and congrats to DeRay Davis for the Hip Hop Squares gig.

Mr. Kelly seems to have a good time with the blog, anyway. He posts just once a week, but there are only so many red shell accidents to blog about. I drop by now and then to get a glimpse of a banana or a moving green shell as they mess with GSN.

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