Thursday, September 29, 2016

It's for a good cause

My weekly ratings report noted some good news for Millionaire early in its new season.

The latest contestant on the show probably won't hurt those numbers. Fr. Bill Matheny, a priest from West Virginia, has made it up the money tree to a quarter-million. He knew the first name of Whistler's mother, in case you were interested. The padre has not been a quiet and restrained contestant. He specializes in jumping around the studio after each correct answer, as this video shows.

Maybe Hellevator, which is highlighting the seven deadly sins in its new season, would hector him about greed - the sin, not the late, lamented game show. But Fr. Matheny has pledged a lot of the winnings to his old grade school, named after (of all people) St. Francis of Assisi. I wonder how Francis would have done on Millionaire. I get the feeling he would have bombed out before five grand. Just not his thing.

UPDATE: Fr. Matheny walks away with the quarter-million, again showing that it's now Millionaire's real top prize. Meanwhile, Seth Wilson continues his run on Jeopardy with his ninth win. Only five players are now ahead of him on the wins-in-a-row list.


  1. I will declare the last question result for Natashia Lewis a technical $50,000 win because 65% of the audience told her to say blue which should have been the right answer, Casey.

  2. Honestly, I'd really love a shot at a second chance week to see how things might go differently.