Monday, September 12, 2016

Hog heaven

10:00 AM in my home DFW area is hog heaven for me. I get to bounce back and forth between my favorite game show ever and that includes everything, Match Game (on Buzzr), and a show that easily ranks in my top ten ever and that includes everything, Lingo (on GSN).

Right now Buzzr is running some very early 1973 eps from Match Game. By a nice coincidence, the screenshot shows the pretty contestant who was winning on today's eps. She was a bartender, in case you're interested. The questions were still too simple and often not very funny, and Brett and Charles were nowhere to be seen on these episodes. But Jack Klugman was around. The producers tried him a lot until they figured out that his (then) wife was the keeper.

GSN is currently running the Stacey Hayes season of Lingo, where I got the screenshot of Chuck. I'll admit that Stacey was built like a brick outhouse, but she was way too coy and simpering for me. The producers dispensed with her services after one year and brought on Shandi Finnessey, who had her own detractors. But Shandi helped keep the show going for three more seasons, so she must have been doing something right.

By the way, the guy who posted the YouTube video of the third season Lingo ep says that Stacey was the hottest game show host ever. So she's got fans.

MOSTLY UNRELATED UPDATE: A couple other shows I like to watch landed press releases in my inbox. Wheel of Fortune starts its new season today. The crossword puzzle round becomes a regular feature, and the minimum bonus round prize goes up to thirty-four grand.

Celebrity Name Game kicks off its new season next week. The list of celeb players for September includes a few new faces and a lot of previous ones, including showrunners David Arquette and Courteney Cox.

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