Saturday, September 3, 2016

DeRay gets the gig

Apparently comedian DeRay Davis will host VH1's reboot of Hollywood Squares reboot Hip Hop Squares. Got all those squares and reboots?

When it comes to hosting a game show, DeRay was last seen on GSN in a forgettable effort called Mind of a Man. Reruns of the show have recently slipped back onto the network's schedule. Did GSN execs know about this upcoming Hip Hop Squares gig? Dunno, but it's hard to understand why else they would dig Mind of a Man out of the crypt.

The format was a weak blend of survey show and improv comedy. Neither worked very well, and the combo was toxic. The show quickly expired, to nobody's particular regret. It was hard to judge DeRay's game show hosting chops from such a flimsy, short-lived effort.

Davis will certainly benefit from the much stronger Squares format, assuming this reboot of a reboot doesn't make radical changes in the show, which I don't expect. We'll see how he manages the x's and o's.

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  1. This is how Chris Hardwick (Singled Out,@midnight) started. His first game was Trashed. A forgettable Remote Control rip-off, that destroyed the players' actual possessions, to win cheap prizes.