Sunday, September 18, 2016

Deadly sin

Hellevator returns to GSN for an abbreviated four-episode season starting October 7. I kind of liked the first season last year, though I thought they overdid the back stories, fake blood and body parts, and faux dread. Come on, the contestants couldn't have been as scared as the production tried to make them look. They all knew it was just a game show.

But enough of my nitpicks. The twisted Soska twins are back for more horror-story fun and games. At Game Show Network News Scott Rahner has posted a review of the new season's first ep. GSN gave him a sneak peek. (By the way, I'm never sure if I should accept when a network offers me a preview of a new show. I usually want to go into a show's premiere with no preconceptions. But opinions differ.)

Based on what I can glean from the review, the gameplay has changed some, especially in the final round. Scott says the pace also seems to have improved, though he concedes that the new episodes don't really contain any more actual gameplay. I thought the pace dawdled badly last year, thanks in part to the absurdly detailed back stories for each ep. This year we're getting "deadly sins" as the theme. Hope they don't waste too much time on the phony theology.

After an encouraging start Hellevator crashed and burned in the ratings last year. The numbers got uglier than the show's bogus blood and viscera. I don't expect any big ratings rebound this year, but at least GSN is hedging their bet with the reduced episode order.

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  1. Although I don't think this show will put up huge ratings, it might do a little better since all the episodes will air in October and not carrying on until the final 2 months of the year. The only reason this ratings flop got renewed was because of the demo. If GSN still had Chase or Chain Reaction on there, it would blow these shows out of the water.

    Non related, but with the Wheel Of Fortune weekend repeat my affiliate is readding, they are placing it early Saturday mornings at 4:30 am. Why? That's just plain dumb. Jeopardy's weekend rerun airs at 7 pm Saturdays, pair the rerun up with that. I could care very less about Judge Judy.