Thursday, September 22, 2016

Daytime mastery

CBS recently bragged about how they've dominated daytime broadcast TV for ninety-nine years or so.

The eye network's (warning, Variety speak) twin pillars of game show, The Price is Right and Let's Make a Deal, are holding up their end of the daytime edifice. Both are doing boffo box office, according to the Nielsen beancounters. The one trick that CBS missed might have been a Pyramid remake in the daytime. (They messed around with the idea but never committed.) The show has worked for ABC in prime time pretty well.

As the linked Cinema Blend story admits, daytime is hardly the most prestigious window in the TV day. Critics tend to look down their noses at the daylight hours as a vast wasteland of uncool stuff, unlike Game of Thrones and all those other buzzy shows that pundits love to talk to each other about. But I'm sure CBS will take the very nice revenue stream from the old reliables in the sunshine.


  1. If only daytime could find a way to use cursing, nudity and / or gore the critics would love them. It's the major reason they fall all over themselves about cable and streaming shows.

    I've tried many episodes of these "critics' choice" shows and find 90% of them to be completely unwatchable. Thank goodness for family game night and DVDs.

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  3. Most prime time shows are awesome sit-coms, dramas, detective shows, and action dramas. I don't know your problem is, but you are in the minority.

    TV today is the best it's ever been. How you don't see that is beyond me. Nobody cares what you think anyway. You are invalid and you don't matter. Everybody else knows we are in a new golden age of TV. You, on the other hand, should get off the internet!