Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Coming your way, awkwardly

Having more or less wiped out with Tracks, Spike will try another game show. It's awkward. Very awkward.

In fact, that's the title of the little program. That Awkward Game Show debuts October 12. The network has released a promo and the usual blather about how "hilarious" the proceedings are, and how a "large cash prize" is at stake. Someday I'll read a press release that says a show isn't funny at all and the prizes are chintzy.

The show features parents and their adult kids trying to guess which awkward family secrets are true, and which are only fantasies of the show's writers. Would you believe that this nice suburban mom makes out with lots of guys and stashes weed in her fridge? Well, maybe she does...at the same time, even.

Tracks flopped because the show targeted its music at too narrow a demo. Awkward is obviously looking for a broader age sweep. The old timers in the audience (like me) can identify with the parents, while the young'uns can cheer for the grown children. We'll see how it works next month when comedian Jeff Dye hosts the awkwardness.


  1. Stashing weed and making out with many men? Mom of the year!

  2. Once again, this show was on the WRONG network. MTV,VH1 or BET would have been a perfect audience for this show.
    Even one of the major networks (CW maybe) would have developed the game- with a broader range of music, while still focusing on the youth demo.

    1. What he said. Tracks was a good show and a little tweaking could have made it a great show. Maybe one of these networks will pick up the rights.

  3. I gave Tracks an okay review. The gameplay was clever enough - guess a song from individual tracks - but the music was too narrowly focused on 18-34. It was no surprise that the total viewer numbers came in tiny.

    Could the show do better business on another network? Oh, maybe.