Monday, September 19, 2016

Breathless revelation

Don't often get around to the game show board on Sitcoms Online. But I saw a thread today with the oddball title: "Just Found Out That the Game Show Tattletales Was A Sham!" Hm, they rigged that silly little relationship show? Well, no. Instead, the "sham" was that the more or less openly gay Charles Nelson Reilly appeared on the show with female teammates.

Of course, other posters on the board laughed off the breathless revelation about CNR on Tattletales, which was old news four decades ago. Then they discussed other gay celebs on the show, and somebody also noted that Richard Dawson showed up with whatever lady he happened to be dating at the time. There was a final comment about Buzzr cutting back Tattletales on their new all-Match-Game-and-Family-Feud-all-the-time schedule.

I always thought Tattletales was the weak-tea version of Newlywed Game, but the show gets some respect and notice on the game show Interwebs. It snuck onto Game Show Forum's list of 50 oldies, er, greatest, and Buzzr still gives the show a little air time. Even I'll admit that Bert Convy was his usual cheerful and competent self as the host.

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