Saturday, August 20, 2016

They want you

Usually I send casting calls to the faux tweets. But on the weekend I need something to write about at a little more length.

This call just popped up on the Reality Wanted website. The format for the prospective game show sounds a bit different from the usual trivia galas.
Are you great at trivia? Do you know a little bit about everything; sports, current events and pop culture? Can you debate, convince and persuade anyone to side with you in an argument? Are you ready to test your knowledge and win BIG CASH while you are doing it? If you are street or book smart, opinionated and outgoing, we want to meet you!
"Outgoing" and "BIG CASH" are standard, but "persuade anyone to side with you in an argument" is a little unusual. This format might require contestants not just to know their trivia, but to convince other people that they know it. I'm more than a little weary of pop culture quizzers, but this could be an encouraging new wrinkle in the sub-genre.

We'll see if a real show materializes from the call. It's a "major cable network" doing the casting, anyway.

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