Friday, August 12, 2016

The well-prepared contestant

Once upon a time there was a contestant on syndie Millionaire named Molly Rubin.

She ended up relieving the show, during its one season with host Terry Crews, of $68,100. Now she's written a long story about how she prepared for the quizzer. And Molly Rubin happens to be the preparation freak of all time. Long before she got to Millionaire, she was googling every possible professor she might have in college. "I don't like leaving things to chance," says Molly in a whopping understatement.

Her prep for Millionaire included Excel spreadsheets and mathematical decision trees constructed with her father, "an admitted math wonk." She finally got the decision rules down right (or as right as she and her "dad-genius" could make them) and went off to the taping. Under the lights and the pressure, she worked her way up to the hundred grand question before finally walking away with her loot.

Oddly, her obsessive prep fails her a little for the article itself. She still lists syndie Millionaire's rules as including all that randomization jazz. (Yes, that was the format she played.) Molly, they've switched back to the classic format. The random nonsense is gone.

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