Monday, August 15, 2016

The honest contestant

Anybody who's ever watched any version of Pyramid has noticed how civvie contestants get stuck with, let's say, not so brilliant celebs sometimes. On the old '70s and '80s eps, Bob Stewart tried to minimize the imbalance by using the same tried and true celebs over and over. But even back in the old days there was often a clear difference in competence between the two celebrities.

A recent contestant story about a civvie named Logan Kimberly makes this uncomfortable point. Logan wants to be nice to all concerned because he did win a fair amount of money on ABC's 100K Pyramid. But he still can't help noting that one of the celebs on his ep, Daymond John, was a lot better at the game than the other one, Barbara Corcoran. (Both celebs hail from Shark Tank, for those who don't know.) Logan puts it this way.
When people tell me about how they felt Barbara did when she was my partner I usually just laugh and say "Well, at least I got her to say the f-word on national TV." Both celebrities were nice to work with, and though Daymond was definitely the better player, Barbara was a little more talkative/cordial in between takes.
Maybe we have to give celebs brownie points for being talkative and cordial. Even if they're not the best Pyramid players. It's a tough format, after all.

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