Wednesday, August 31, 2016

That unavoidable Mr. Harvey

Somehow it always comes back to Steve Harvey.

My recent posts about GSN and Game Show Forum have provoked a lot of comment, as I knew they would. And sure enough, one of the primary bones of contention is the gentleman pictured in this entry. Steve Harvey and his Family Feud always seem to be the traditionalist's Exhibits A and B for how GSN and game shows in general have gone to hell in a handbasket.

Funny thing, I've been critical of Steve's Feud myself. Not  for the mildly off-color humor, which I don't mind at all. (I really don't think the traditionalists mind it, either, but it makes a convenient whipping boy in their dismissal of the show.) Instead, I'm not thrilled with how he has transformed Family Feud into the Steve Harvey standup act.

But the numbers don't lie. Sure, Steve benefits from Nielsen kindly adding up all the ratings for Feud's zillion daily runs. He has still revitalized a show that was running dangerously close to empty after decades on the air. Anyway, I noticed this AV Club piece today about Steve and the weird questions he gets on his talk show. As the writer notes, he really has become the "all-purpose host of basically everything."

And that sets off a lot of hollering on the game show Interwebs.

UPDATE: The latest on Mr. Harvey is an involved legal tangle over some footage shot at his comedy club in 1993. Nothing like 23-year-old tapes to get a lawyer's juices flowing. Hollywood Reporter offers all the tedious details.


  1. 6 years later and people are still whining about Harvey. There's one simple solution if you don't like the show. Just don't watch it. During the Combs era, there was off color humor. Even during the Dawson days there was a dirty answer or two. But someone says something naughty on today's version and they act like someone was killed. Grow up to the people who constantly complain about Feud.

    Anyways my local NBC affiliate is bringing back the Wheel Of Fortune weekend repeat they took away a few years ago for some reason. Sad part is it will air at 4:30 in the morning. Dumb, but whatever. The Jeopardy weekend rerun which airs on the same affiliate airs Saturdays at 7 pm. Could have paired Wheel up with that you know.

    Also, my affiliate has aired Jeopardy and Wheel Of Fortune from 7 to 8 pm for nearly 30 years. That's amazing and shows that people in Pennsylvania love Alex, Pat and Vanna.

    1. That weekend WoF repeat gets some lousy timeslots but still turns in pretty good ratings. It got a 2.8 household number in the latest week, August 15-21. I don't know why Sony doesn't peddle a weekday repeat of the show. A lot of stations would be interested, and Wheel would get back the number one rating from Family Feud, thanks to Nielsen adding up the daily ratings.

    2. I would like to see a Wheel second run weekdays. I mean all the 4 other game shows have double runs, so why can't Wheel? It would like you said, get back to #1.

      Non related, but $100,000 Pyramid's season finale will air on September 12th, after the Dancing With The Stars season premiere. I wonder when Match Game's finale will air. I hear Sarah Palin is on that one.