Monday, August 22, 2016

Scenes from a life

So I watched an ep of Match Game '78 on GSN this morning.

The star wheel was just a week old and Gene Rayburn was still explaining its intricacies. Richard Dawson looked extremely displeased whenever the star wheel appeared or was referred to. (He would much later denounce the gadget as a "slight" to himself. He liked getting picked all the time for the big money match.)

But this entry isn't about the star wheel (mostly). Instead, an actress named Didi Carr was sitting in the bottom-left bimbo seat. I had never heard of her. So I went on a Google hunt after the show. And I got some interesting bits of a life.

In 1978 Didi Carr was making a living on a short-lived sitcom called Sugar Time about an an aspiring all-girl pop group. The show departed after one season and took the fictional group with it. On the Match Game ep I watched, Didi was wearing a t-shirt with Gloria Steinem's famous blast: "A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle." I thought, this might be a low-key protest against the entire concept of the bimbo seat. Maybe I was right, Didi didn't say.

The post-show Google hunt turned up this 2001 bio of the now Didi Carr Reuben (she had left show business and married a rabbi named Steven Reuben). The bio revealed that the rebbetzin - which I learned was a rabbi's wife - was "an atheist, hard-core." Hm, that seemed to fit with the t-shirt on Match Game. I moved on to this 2014 YouTube video of the rabbi's wife, talking about a friend of hers named Susan Whitmore.

Finally, I found this post from the couple's son Gable in 2015 about a fire at Steven and Didi Reuben's house. Luckily nobody was hurt. Life goes on, and Google and YouTube are sometimes there to document it.


  1. Love watching Match Game on BUZZR and looking up where everyone ended up. Thanks for the post!

  2. I also look up everyone. I am happily surprised when I find someone still alive. The latest was Shecky Green!��

  3. Haha too funny, I am watching Match Game 78 now and they are showing the episode you mentioned. The previous episode was particularly funny!! Gene had the turntable turn back and kissed a contestant!! And yeah Richard sure is salty about the star wheel.

  4. It's a daughter Gable Carr! :) Moi!

  5. Its a daughter Gable Carr, not a son! ;)

  6. Good to know, Gable. I actually watched an episode of "Sugar Time!" as a kid. I hope all is well with you.