Thursday, August 18, 2016

Music is in the air

Our little genre appears ready to burst into song. We've got Caraoke Showdown, Beat Shazam and Tracks, all based on music in one (hopefully) tuneful way or another. As a faux tweet noted, Tracks will debut September 1 on Spike with Bow Wow, known to his lawyers as Shad Moss, handling the hosting chores.

Showrunner Christina Aguilera will put in appearances on the debut eps. Contestants will have to name that tune (sound familiar?) based only on individual tracks of guitar, bass, drums, etc. This actually sounds like an interesting idea. We'll see how it plays out (sorry) in practice.

The promo makes Tracks look like a concert occasionally interrupted by a game show. Spike probably wants to lure music fans of the younger variety to avoid the dreaded old skew, that fabled curse of the genre. Lip Sync Battle will precede the debut eps, which should give Tracks a decent lead-in audience to work with. Good luck on the tune fest.


  1. Tracks and Beat Shazam will probably use mostly 21st century music, too

  2. The final round on MTV's TUrn in Up in Summer 1990 was called Add-a-Track, where the band on that show played a song but added one instrument at a time ever few seconds.