Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mr. Barry goes to late night TV

One of the more interesting threads in the game show Interwebs lives on Game Show Paradise. It's called "Game Show Hosts in Other Media" and it talks about game show figures (not always hosts) and their appearances outside the genre.

A July 10 entry noted Jack Barry's February 21, 1971 turn on Dick Cavett's talk show. By an odd coincidence I mentioned Dick Cavett in an entry a few days ago. A commenter wrote that diginet Decades - yeah, I've barely heard of it, too - runs Cavett's old chatfest. The Barry episode turned up on the subchannel last month.

Louis Armstrong headlined the ep, as the screenshot shows. Satchmo looked frail and, sadly, he would die just a few months after the taping. Oddly enough, I remember Barry's appearance on the episode, though I've never seen it again in the past 35 years. As I recall, he was rather defensive about the rigging scandals - no surprise - and talked about how an unnamed politician tried to make hay on the rumpus. (Manhattan prosecutor Joseph Stone, maybe? He hauled everybody in front of a grand jury.)

I couldn't find Jack Barry's interview on the Internet. If we get lucky, somebody might upload it to YouTube.

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