Saturday, August 6, 2016

Live with Mark

Later this month Let's Make a Deal's live show will turn up at the Eagle Mountain Casino in California. Host Mark Walberg phoned an interview to a Fresno TV station to promote the prize-and-zonk event. Mark sounded a little hazy about the details of these particular shows - ticket prices, show times, etc. But he does so many of these events that such details probably do seem unimportant to him after a while.

As readers of this blog may know, I'm a big fan of Mark's. I've always wished that he could have hosted a really successful TV game show. He's competent, charming and quick-witted without seeming slick or overly prepared. He's one of those guys I would put on a list of the fifty top game show hosts, ahead of most of the big names from the past.

While Let's Make a Deal's live show hasn't been as successful as its counterpart from The Price is Right, the LMAD stage event has made its way here and there across the U.S. (At one point in the interview Mark inadvertently used the "come on down" phrase from TPiR and made a little joke about it.) Ticket prices for the Eagle Mountain shows are $30 and $40. Doesn't seem like too much for a chance to win...or get zonked. Plus you get to wear wild and crazy costumes.

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