Thursday, August 11, 2016

Knowing GSN

It's been a while since I dropped by GSN The Know, one of the many sites in the sidebar blogroll. But I happened to see this entry from earlier this month.

The entry is a grab bag of stuff, from the layoffs at GSN Games - I saw something about that in Google News - to a comparison of GSN to Buzzr. On the traditionalist older-is-better game show Interwebs, GSN will always come off worse in these matchups. Which doesn't bother GSN at all, since they're so far ahead of Buzzr in what literally counts (the Nielsen stats) that the oldies diginet might as well not exist.

The entry quotes one anti-GSN rant which denounces Shandi Finnessey, the co-host of Lingo, as "downright trashy, flirty, no class at all." In fact, Shandi pretty much saved the show, which was doing poorly after the so-so third season with Stacey Hayes. Shandi restored the ratings luster and helped keep Lingo going for three more seasons. Even when it was finally cancelled by then-new GSN president David Goldhill in 2008, Lingo was still one of the top-rated shows on the network. Goldhill was just getting rid of every original he inherited from previous president Rich Cronin.

Oh well, GSN will always catch these catcalls on the Interwebs. Who cares?

UPDATE: One more bit about GSN. Winsanity is croaking in the ratings. I left this note on Game Show Network News, which mentioned competition with that boring and corrupt sports show. "The Olympics are just a poor excuse. Winsanity has completely fallen off the cable rankings versus other cable shows that have to compete with the Olympics, too. The show is dead. I'll also predict that Window Whatever will crash and burn. GSN's reality shows don't work unless they've got naked girls."

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