Friday, August 19, 2016

Gossip column

Nothing like silly gossip on a slow Friday morning. Or maybe it's not completely silly but who cares?

A site called Gossip Cop, which I had never heard of, is denying a report by another site called Life & Style, which I had also never heard of. Apparently, these sites are in the gossip business, which is a semi-legal way to make a living. The gossip this time is pretty tepid, though. It's just about a game show.

One of the sites is saying that the other site is wrong when they say that Michael Strahan doesn't want Kelly Ripa on 100K Pyramid. Yeah, I know you don't care, either, but this is a full-service game show blog. I have to report lots of weird stuff that turns up on the game show Interwebs.

Kelly Ripa has never shown up on Celebrity Name Game or any of the more recent versions of Pyramid, so I have no idea how she would do as a celeb contestant. She couldn't be worse than Anthony Anderson, right? Whether she ever appears on 100K Pyramid is not something I will lose sleep over. But I have to admit, it would be kinda fun to hear her banter back and forth with the host about old times...and old gossip.

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