Wednesday, August 3, 2016


What’s left of what used to be Matt Ottinger’s board is doing another list of the fifty best game shows.

I've done some lists over the years but I've gotten out of the silly habit. I always forget some show or struggle to get the rankings "right" (as if there's any real right or wrong in such a subjective appraisal). So other than opining that the 1973-82 Match Game is my favorite game show ever and that includes everything, I've pretty well given up on list-making.

I did have to smile at the most honest comment on the oldies board to end all oldies boards.
I do look forward to revisiting my list to see what shows might have changed positions, in my mind. I wonder how many new shows I might add (I'm pretty critical of the "newer" stuff, so I doubt I'll have that many).
Yeah, I think it's safe to say that Game Show Forum will not go gaga over any show with less than decades of dust on it. Another poster wondered about a list of greatest game show hosts ever, and made a similarly honest older-is-better remark.
As it pertains to hosts there's really not anyone in that last ten years who has come on strong that was unrecognized previously (I could give Chris Hardwick a minor asterisk on the strength of At Midnight, and if Millionaire runs another nine years Chris Harrison), but the point is that someone who gets on your chart has to bump off Jack Narz, Dennis James, or any of those other guys who are just above the Mendoza Line, and I don't see Jeff Foxworthy, Brooke Burns or Mike Richards doing that.
At Midnight isn't even a real game show, and Chris Harrison either gets onto the list or he doesn't, regardless of Millionaire's survival. But if Dennis James and Jack Narz make the list - both mediocrities in my harsh opinion - Steve Harvey, Craig Ferguson, Jeff Foxworthy, Ben Bailey and Howie Mandel land on the honor roll with ease. Though I hardly expect Game Show Forum to agree with me. (Especially about Harvey. He's the board's favorite hate object.)


  1. My favorite recent host is Todd Newton. I've liked him in every hosting job he has done. It's a shame that his shows have been on low rated cable stations. I thought he would have been a prime candidate to replace Barker (although I think Drew Carey is doing an excellent job).

  2. My week wouldn't be complete without another jab at classic games shows. Some people really enjoy them, kinda like some folks are obsessed with a Temple game from the past. Kettle...Black???

  3. Do those people seriously have nothing better to do with their time? Sad, really sad. Nobody gives a damn what they think! Today's game shows and game show hosts are the best they have ever been! Of coruse, they will never admit this. GSF is a trainwreck that thinks it's still relevant, and it isn't! They really need to go away.

  4. Hm, I'd like to see a debate between Tammy and SuperGamer. Anyhoo, all I did was quote what Game Show Forum posters themselves said about "newer" game shows and hosts. Not that anybody should be surprised that they don't much care for the "newer" side of the genre. ("Newer" is defined pretty loosely here, to say the least.)

    Todd Newton is certainly super-competent and has hosted a wide variety of taped and live game shows. He's always been accused of slickness, but that's probably going to happen to anybody who handles a job so smoothly.

    1. I spoke the truth. Pure and simple.

    2. No debate necessary. Personally I like both, but can see no reason for someone to poo-poo a site just because the people choose to discuss one generation of games. My answer would be don't go to that site, that simple. Some new hosts are better, so not so much. I'm not a Harvey fan, but it's not him personally. I think the writers/producers instruct him to fake the whole 'shocked at the answer' sham. That gets old in a hurry. I do miss the old days of genuine 'oops' that happened note so often. Finally, I wouldn't give Todd Newton a 10 on the host scale, but I'll say he's a very nice and personable person. We saw him in Kansas City at TPiR touring show. We bumped into him after the show in the casino hall and told him how much we enjoyed the show and during our conversation mentioned we were from Columbia MO, which is where he went to college. For 30 minutes we talked about the town and him being a Mizzou alumni. This was at the time Barker was prepping to retire. My husband asked about the rumor of him trying out as host and he just smiled and said 'you never know, but I wouldn't turn it down'. So yeah, it's a shame he hasn't found that one game show that would put him over the top.

    3. I visit tons of game show sites all the time (check the blogroll in the sidebar). It's part of what I do as a game show blogger. So I'm going to keep visiting GSF.

      And sorry, I find Game Show Forum's obsession with the distant past to be worth a smile or three. I'm also amused at their hiding so much of the board from the prying eyes of mere outsiders. SOOPER SEKRET!!

      While I'm not as anti-GSF as, say, SuperGamer, I'm still going to crack wise about these humorous features of the board. And sure enough, several posters on the linked thread have already posted that they wouldn't even consider newer game shows or hosts for a fifty-best list. (Thanks for proving my point, guys.)

      To give GSF a little credit, the o.p. on the linked thread has posted that he's getting some votes for recent shows. "It's still too early in the voting to see any kind of consensus forming, but from the votes I've received so far, it's evident that people are definitely considering shows introduced in the past ten years."

      We'll see about that. I still have to think that GSF's final list will be extremely top-heavy with old shows. But who knows? There could be at least a few surprises.

    4. Not everyone on GSF is bad. I mean, GSF is BAD, beyond BAD! Not Michael Jackson "BAD," I mean pile of dung, disgusting screw-headed, 0-16 Detroit Lions kind of bad!

      But, not everyone there deserves to be strapped to a rocket and shot into the sun. There are some on that forum (and many other forums, thankfully) who support the great new era of game shows, to them I salute you! To the haters, the horrid trolls, and anybody who just doesn't get it, ignore them.