Sunday, August 7, 2016

Dream on

As if top fifty lists aren't crazy enough, those dream game show schedules also crop up on the Interwebs now and then.

Game Show Paradise has a few of the more recent wish list schedules for our enjoyment. One thing I noticed is that the current rash of game show revivals isn't confined to actual TV networks. The rewinds have invaded the dream schedules as well. And there are some doozy ideas out there. Like Joe Rogan (!) hosting a new TV version of the cutesy NPR effort Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.

If there's anybody who doesn't seem like an NPR kind of guy, it's the anarcho-libertarian Rogan. (Check the screenshot of him wearing a Ron Paul t-shirt). Another poster wants to put Mo Rocca on a Wait Wait TV reboot, which seems more believable. But I doubt that the fey NPR show could survive in the tough unsubsidized world of commercial TV, with any host.

Then there's Al Roker hosting a Concentration revival. Sorry, but his brief turn on Celebrity Family Feud proved that as a game show host, Al makes a great weatherman. Some even more offbeat ideas turn up. Like a return of the shopping round on Wheel of Fortune (yeah, that stuff was golden TV, as Pat Sajak once sardonically observed) and the notion that Jeopardy will leave syndication after its 32nd season (don't hold your breath).

Like almost all dream schedules on the game show Interwebs, there's a ton of old stuff. Even really bad old stuff, like Kennedy's misbegotten Friend or Foe. But now a lot of the old stuff on the dream lists is coming back in revivals with some, er, unusual hosts.


  1. Am I crazy to think that Tic Tac Dough with John O'Hurley would be quite good?

    1. Funny story about John. They invited him to try out as host of The Price is Right when Bob Barker was going to retire. The staff thought he did the "Shakespeare version" of the show because his vocabulary and diction were so perfect.

  2. Mike Emrick hosting What's My Line lol Emrick is 70 he would never waste his time calling Game Shows