Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Buzzr strips down

The title of this entry sounds a little risqué.

Don't worry. Oldies diginet Buzzr isn't running long-lost eps of To Tell the Truth with a stripped Kitty Carlisle. But the subchannel is running a promo about a new schedule coming August 29. Based on what is showing right now, it looks like a peeled-down lineup that emphasizes the top names in oldie game shows. In other words, there's a load of Match Game and Family Feud. Six hours a day of each of them, in fact.

There are also six hours of the three black and white stalwarts, To Tell the Truth, What's My Line and I've Got a Secret. In something of a surprise, the non-color shows get two hours of prime time. This subchannel is not worried about demos.

You might notice that we're down to just six other hours in the day. That time goes to Let's Make a Deal, Press Your Luck, Card Sharks and Blockbusters. So weekdays will only feature nine different shows. Getting the heave-ho from the weekday schedule are Tattletales, Body Language, Super Password (sigh, one of the few shows I actually watched on Buzzr) and Child's Play.

Buzzr must have gathered some numbers on which shows are actually attracting a measurable audience. Those "winners" - relatively speaking for a very marginal diginet - will get a workout on the new schedule, while the losers get discarded. (Weekends may feature a few different shows.) Buzzr also promises some new eps of their shows starting August 29.

In a humorous note, some commenters on Buzzr's Facebook page are yelping that the diginet is going all GSN with the overload of Family Feud and Match Game. Comparing Buzzr to GSN? Them's fightin' words for the older-is-better crowd.

UPDATE: As gets further into the future, it looks like a couple eps of Super Password sneak back onto the Buzzr schedule (yay!) at 7:00 AM Eastern on Thursday, September 1. But the new schedule remains dominated (18 hours a day) by the Match Game/Family Feud duo and the black and white trio.

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