Friday, August 26, 2016

Birthday boy

Monty Hall turned 95 this week and Buzzr sent out a press release touting some "new" (to the diginet) eps of Let's Make a Deal and Beat the Clock. Legend has it that Monty wasn't particularly thrilled with the version of BtC that he hosted, but we'll let that slide.

In a way that few game show hosts can emulate, Monty is Let's Make a Deal. He owned and produced the show and was generally the boss of everything. He even got a math problem named after him from the show, inspired by switching those infamous doors in the big deal.

Monty has received a lifetime achievement Emmy and countless other awards, as the Buzzr press release notes. It's been quite a ride for the Canadian kid who started out on a Winnipeg radio station in the 1940s. After hosting various forgettable efforts, Monty struck bartering gold with Let's Make a Deal in 1963. The show has seemingly run forever in one version of another, and it's still cranking away on CBS.

Everybody wants to make a good deal and is afraid of making a bad deal. That simple truth has kept LMAD in business for more than a half-century. Here's wishing many more happy birthdays for Monty.


  1. As much as I admire and respect Mr. Hall, the 80s version of Deal that is currently running on Buzzr is one of the worst produced games I've seen. The cues are horrible, camera work questionable at best, and at times I feel Monty was going through the motions. Last week we were greeted with the Geoff Edwards fill-in episodes and I must say they were a breath of fresh air. As much as Monty IS Deal, Geoff brought so much more to the game and I felt he actually enjoyed the contestants. Unlike Monty, who on a recent rerun scolded a contestant who glanced to her mom for an opinion on keeping or trading. He was mean, no question about it. I understand some contestants take forever to decide, but her mom was right there on the trading floor. Gave me a different opinion on our deal leader.

  2. I actually like the current version better than any of the originals. Wayne, Tiffany, Jonathan, and Cat make a great cast, and I love the back-and-forth banter between them and how they all get involved in the games.

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  4. It's apples and oranges. Monty was more acerbic and occasionally sarcastic than Wayne (Mr. Nice Guy) Brady. To be honest, no version of Let's Make a Deal has ever been a particular favorite of mine. I like quizzers and word games.

    But I have to admit that LMAD's format plays into the basic human desire to get the best deal possible...and the basic human fear of getting stiffed on a deal. That's why the show has lasted forever.