Saturday, July 9, 2016

Wit and wisdom

Yahoo's Week in Game Shows focuses only on Jeopardy this week because other syndies are in reruns. Guys, you can still do clips from repeats, and ABC's prime time game shows and GSN's Winsanity and Idiotest are in first-runs. But what the hey, it's their site and they can make the rules any way they want.

So we get lots of Alex Trebek's wise and witty remarks, mostly during the contestant interviews. I was never a big fan of those interviews because Alex is not the smoothest converser. I always get the feeling that he's a little bored with whoever he's talking to. But this may just be my overactive imagination.

The clips are amusing enough. But one comment by the Yahoo critic seems really odd. He calls Jeopardy a "slow and difficult" game. I'll grant him the "difficult"...but slow? Jeopardy is the fastest quizzer ever devised. The answers and questions come screaming at the poor viewer. Not until the final round - strangely enough, because the bonus round is usually faster than the front game in other game shows - do things slow down at all.

By the way, Alex is not a runner. Neither am I. At this point in my earthly sojourn, I'm barely a walker.

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