Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tons of fun

A pop culture site called Hypable - no, I'd never heard of it, either - has listed 100K Pyramid and Match Game among their summer TV favorites. Since the shows are regularly landing in the top fifteen most watched of the week (network and cable combined) they don't need kudos from an obscure web site. But a little, er, hype can't hurt.

The site assures us that the shows are "tons of fun" and praises both hosts. Which is all true enough. The review, such as it is, does go off the rails a little bit with the obligatory praise of Rosie O'Donnell. (Sometimes I think that pop culture critics are conspiring to make us like Rosie, or else.) I agree that she was fine on Pyramid, where the tight format kept her under control. But Match Game's much looser format gave her too much room to dominate the first two eps.

The result was predictable, given how Rosie turns off so many viewers. While Match Game has done well in the ratings, there's a noticeable drop from its lead-in Pyramid. Oh well, both shows are still virtual locks for renewal, unlike some of the more obscure efforts also praised by Hypable.


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  2. The ratings drop off for Match Game I believe is its later timeslot. T.V. viewership does tend to go down in the third hour of primetime, especially on the East Coast where it is actually 10pm.

  3. That's an easy excuse...and an unconvincing one. Match Game is regularly losing 20% or more of its lead-in audience. In fact, if not for the big Pyramid lead-in, I'm not sure that Match Game would get a renewal at all. A weaker lead-in might well put the show down in To Tell the Truth and 500 Questions territory, where a renewal is possible but not a lock.