Sunday, July 10, 2016

There's always YouTube

I've moaned and groaned on this blog about GSN canning two of their best shows, The Chase and the Mike Catherwood version of Chain Reaction. But like most game shows of seasons past, these two haven't really vanished. They just live on at YouTube. Plenty of clips and even full episodes remind us of past glories.

Which is remarkable when you think about it. YouTube and other Internet video sites have made it possible to watch pretty much anything we want whenever we want, for only the price of a web connection. Sure, there are the occasional conniption fits, like when Buzzr tried - unsuccessfully, thank God - to shut down the What's My Line channel on YouTube. But endless hours of TV faves are there for the viewing.

Not to mention music for the listening. Once upon a time I had a record collection. (For younger readers, records were flat, round black things that you put on a turntable and they spun around.) Nowadays I've got the world's biggest rack of albums at YouTube. I've become so accustomed to such comforts that I whine to myself when a song gets pulled on a copyright complaint and I have to look for another video of it. There's just no satisfying grumpy me.


  1. No sir, they don't. Sony issues copyright strikes for uploading anything they own. Said accounts will be banned if they are still running these. Anything Sony gets uploaded to DM instead of Youtube. Sony properties include any version of Pyramid, WOF, Jeopardy, TTD, Joker's Wild, etc. And all GSN originals as well

    1. Sony has always been a prick when it comes to uploading their stuff. Wayoshim uploaded Wheel Of Fortune highlights from 2008 and on and half of them were taken down by Sony. Even some full episodes of that and Jeopardy were took down.

      YouTube is really getting strict about uploading movies or TV shows. Endemol is like that, especially with Deal Or No Deal or Fear Factor.

    2. Well, I dunno, but I typed "$25,000 Pyramid" into the YouTube search box and a flock of complete episodes came back...

      And I tried "Wheel of Fortune" and got a bunch of eps...

      And then I tried "Joker's Wild" and got a lot of eps...

      Maybe you guys should try the search box more often.

    3. While I'm at it, I should give Buzzr a little credit. Although they made fools of themselves by going after the WML channel on YouTube, so far they've allowed another fan-created channel with lots of oldies eps from the diginet. The channel is called BuzzrPlus+...

      Really, I could spend several days just watching all the oldies episodes posted on this one YouTube channel.

    4. Thing is, Sony is inconsistent with if/when they take stuff down and who they target with strikes. Speaking from personal experience, they let Joker's Wild go for a few years, then struck me (and a couple other channels) randomly one day, while other channels were left alone. I've also seen instances where some Wheel episodes stay up for years, yet I saw one recently get taken down within hours of it being posted.

      Yes, if you try hard enough, you can find any Sony show you want. I just think they should have a consistent policy (like Fremantle has with their shows save for a few episodes). I bet they could get at least a few more eyes on their stuff by not being so haphazard about the Internet.

    5. Try hard enough? All I did was type the name of the show into the search box, and I got enough eps to keep me all day and the next day and the day after that, not to mention tons of highlight clips. If Sony is hunting down game show material on YouTube, they're doing a pretty bad job.

  2. To be totally fair, he did say "Youtube and other Internet video sites", so that includes Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.

  3. I don't see why Sony goes after properties they probably won't ever do anything with like Tic or Joker, but they do.