Sunday, July 24, 2016

Scarily legendary

This blog has covered a lot of Nick stuff lately, but that's what you get from Comic-Con.

As a faux tweet noted, the trailer for the new Legends of the Hidden Temple movie is out. For what it is, it looks like fun. Three state-of-the-art cute kids run and jump through various perils in, well, a hidden temple. The proceedings hardly look like Quentin Tarantino stuff, but they are a little scarier than the ancient game show.

The trailer has gotten good reviews from nostalgic critics. Production values do seem impressive, as Nick apparently didn't pinch pennies on the sets or effects. Of course, Kirk Fogg and Olmec (voiced by the original Dee Bradley Baker) show up, along with endless references to silver monkeys and just about every other facet of the game show.

The movie is due on Nick in November and will no doubt receive plenty of promotion. Grumpy me would still like to see some genuine game show eps, but I'll take what I can get. If the movie performs well enough, maybe real contestants will be running through a real temple - by game show standards, anyway - one of these days.

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