Saturday, July 2, 2016

Return of the Larson

Buzzr will run the Michael Larson episodes of Press Your Luck this month, according to a promo from the oldies diginet.

That's not really huge news. The eps are readily available on YouTube, both as standalone videos and as part of GSN's 2003 Big Bucks documentary on the Larson rumpus. The saga of how Michael broke the big board and became sort of rich and sort of famous is no doubt familiar to any regular reader of this blog. But it's still an intriguing tale of a ne'er do well underdog outwitting CBS and bagging over a hundred grand.

Larson's bio is more than a little depressing. He died broke and on the run from a federal investigation (unrelated to Press Your Luck, of course). The guy was not the most honest gentlemen who ever graced our genre, but he did something nobody else ever did. And he figured it all out by just watching a game show.

Buzzr is also planning an original series called Game Changers. Alex Trebek will interview game show worthies like Vanna White. This may be the closest Buzzr will ever get to airing Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

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  1. I think Larson was just obsessive and greedy. Everybody knows what he did. Everybody knows how uch he won. Interesting to watch once, but it's gotten prehistoric since. The 1986 episodes with Annemarie Carrera and another Michael who won $33,000+ with three Whammies in Round 1 (the latter of which aired yesterday as I post this) are far more interesting than Larson.