Friday, July 29, 2016

Reboot of a reboot

Everything old is new again in game show land. We've got so many reboots and rewinds, I'm starting to lose track. Now comes news, as linked in a faux tweet, that VH1 will bring back Hip Hop Squares. Of course, this was the MTV2 version of Hollywood Squares, with rappers instead of old-time Hollywood folks.

DJ Peter Rosenberg hosted two seasons of ten eps apiece in 2012. I thought the show was surprisingly watchable, thanks to its adherence to the tried and true format. Ice Cube, who signs as O'Shea Jackson on his legal documents, will produce the new version on MTV2's sister network VH1. "Unlike typical game shows, viewers should never know what's going to happen next." Actually, Mr. Jackson, nobody should ever know exactly what is going to happen next on a game show. There's literally a federal law about that issue. (See scandals, rigging.)

I assume this reboot of a reboot will follow the usual format. Hollywood Squares has been around so long, it seems almost sacrilegious to tamper with the gameplay. No word on who will host the new version of Hip Hop Squares. Is Peter (Rosenberg, not Marshall) available? The show is due on VH1 this fall.

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