Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ratings: syndies bounce back

Syndie game shows were happy to put the holiday week behind them. The numbers recovered nicely for July 11-17. TV News Check has the gladsome household ratings...

Family Feud 7.0 - up a couple ticks
Wheel of Fortune 5.8 - up five ticks to take second all by itself
Jeopardy 5.6 - up three ticks for the show that's not in reruns
Celebrity Name Game 1.3 - flat, last change for this show was 87 weeks ago (slight exaggeration)
Millionaire 1.2 - flat

As usual, ABC's game show trio gave the alphabet net (Variety speak!) a Sunday night win in both total viewers and the almighty 18-49 demo. It's safe to say that we'll see a second run of the trifecta next summer.


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  2. ABC also teased......."teased" mind you, of a potential Password revival, we will see if anything comes of that.

    Also would like to see 500 Questions return.