Sunday, July 31, 2016

Random act of wiki

Not having much of anything to write about on a slow weekend, I tried the random page button on U.S. Game Shows Wiki. What came back was a blurb for a comic named Debi Gutierrez. It was obviously cribbed from her website or her agent's promo material. Amid the routine puffery was a single paragraph related to game shows.
In 2010, Gutierrez completed a season as the host of GSN's Hidden Agenda. Gutierrez, whose comedy career has thrived on the communication between couples, serves as host of the show and as the couples' "cheerleader".
Hidden Agenda stayed well hidden in the Nielsen charts for its mercifully brief life. The show got teensy-weensy numbers even by the less than impressive standards of GSN in 2010. All I could find on YouTube was a 21-second promo that offered a one-second glimpse of Debi.

As I recall, I kind of liked the show. (Yes, I was extremely lonely in my opinion.) It was a hidden-camera ambush format where one spouse was in on the joke and tried to get the unsuspecting spouse to do dumb things for money. I thought the show was harmless and enjoyable. The Nielsen sample thought that it was a crime against humanity. As always, the Nielsen sample won.

U.S. Game Show Wiki classes Hidden Agenda among "flops" and they couldn't be more right. The run lasted less than two months and the show has vanished as completely as any chunk of 2010 American TV possibly can. But maybe they haven't physically wiped the show. Somewhere on a shelf at GSN a few tapes might be gathering dust.

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