Friday, July 1, 2016

Politics ain't beanbag, it's BLANK

As a faux tweet noted, ABC's Match Game is already catching flak for one-sided politics. Most notably, an anti-Trump question on the debut ep allowed Rosie O'Donnell to restart her long (and boring) feud with the politico.

Well, maybe the show is going for some balance...or fireworks, if Rosie is around on a certain episode. Tucked away on a list of future panelists is none other than GOP firebrand Sarah Palin. If she's on the same panel with the equally fervent Rosie, we might get some mutual hair-pulling (speaking figuratively, of course).

The NY Daily News has some fun with another possibility. "Could it be a hoot seeing how the staunch Republican rolls with the show's famously liberal host Alec Baldwin? You betcha." I dunno, Alec kept his edgier side under control in the show's debut, so he might play the gentleman.

Nah. Sounds like some evil fun could be coming.

UPDATE: Sadly, Rosie and Sarah won't be doing hugs and giggles. Inside Edition reports that the other two female panelists on Sarah Palin's ep are Leah Remini and Kristin Chenoweth.


  1. Gene Rayburn was a Liberal, too, and made no apologies about it.

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  3. I think I rather have Judy Tenuta return than have Sarah Palin.

  4. As somebody old enough to remember the original airings of the CBS version, they knocked Nixon pretty hard, got some shots in at Ford and Carter. Match Game 1990/91 took some shots at Bush. Pols were targets of the questions even then.

    Rosie O'Donnell is perhaps the least likable "comedian" on the panel...a nasty, nasty person, but she held herself in check, and her line was sort of funny.