Monday, July 4, 2016

One more story

ABC's 100K Pyramid is already getting absorbed into the usual fabric of game show media coverage.

A local Fresno station ran a report on substitute teacher Cody Ashford, who played the game with SNL alums Rachel Dratch and Ana Gasteyer. The report had the usual glimpses of the watch party (at home instead of a bar) and noted sadly that Cody didn't make it to the winners circle. But he did win a trip to Greece in a Mystery 7 round. He plans to take the trip next summer.

There's absolutely nothing unusual about the contestant story, which is the telling point. 100K Pyramid has become just another U.S. game show in a long, long line of them, dating all the way back (as Buzzr reminds us) to that one-time run of Truth or Consequences in 1941. At least ABC's remake of the aged format shows early signs of sticking around, thanks to good news from the Nielsen company.

Which means a lot more contestant stories to come.

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