Monday, July 11, 2016

Never can live up to the 1970s

I made a point a while ago that ABC's new Match Game could never live up to the 1973-82 version in the eyes of the game show Interwebs. Comments on the new show have confirmed this easy prediction. A typical example is this review from a pop culture site called Paste.

The reviewer is a diehard Dawson fan, which I am not. So Richard's absence naturally biases him against the new version. I might as well say this once and for all: Dawson was terrible on Match Game after he got the Family Feud gig. He was dour and sour and a royal pain in the butt of the front-and-center seat. The show improved a ton when he finally departed.

I'll admit the life-of-the-party Richard of his early Match Game years was great. But Dawson buried those memories under a mountain of scowls in his later seasons. I also disagree with the review's dump on Alec Baldwin in the new version. He's been surprisingly good as the host and ad-libs well, contrary to the review's assertions. And I can't buy Paste's tsk-tsk-ing dislike of the new show's off-color material, either.

The 1973-82 version was not designed for Victorian maidens. I watched an episode recently that featured a naked nun emerging from a birthday cake (not literally, just in the imagination of one of the celebs). If you don't like naughty jokes, neither the old nor the new Match Game is for you.

UPDATE: Every opinion is different. This guy likes Baldwin and dumps on Michael Strahan. The ratings suggest otherwise. 100K Pyramid has well outperformed Match Game. The reviewer also swoons over Rosie O'Donnell, which is a pretty good clue to his politics.

That's the problem with Rosie. She's polarizing to the max. I think Match Game made a mistake by featuring her so big on the first two eps. Turned off a lot of viewers who can't stand her, as the Nielsen news indicates.


  1. The old Match Game didn't have their minds in the gutter like this one does though. They didn't say "ass" or act like children whenever someone says words like that. What I mean is, this show goes a bit beyond the old one.

    I didn't notice it much in the first episode, the second episode involved that loooooooong ass thing. The panel couldn't move onto something else. They were still thinking about it and making jokes about it. It involved one of the questions/answers by the way. It just gets old.

    I'm no prude, I watch things with innuendos and swearing at times, but it's scripted of course and it's different than just blurting things out.

    On the old Match Game it was "boobs" and bras, pasties, etc. They were clean about it then. Anybody who wants to compare this one with the old one in terms of swearing or whatever is missing the point. No offense.

    Otherwise I think the show is good. The panel is meh, I can tolerate it most nights. Alec is surprisingly good. The only thing that has that feel of the 70s is the set. Modernized version of it.

    1. I agree with everything you say except Baldwin. Even when he's telling a joke that's supposed to be ad lib, he stares into the camera. It appears he can't keep his eyes off the teleprompter. Not a very good host, IMO>

    2. Oh, jeesh, "ass" appears in Victorian literature, for crying out loud. Even Henry James once named a character Fanny Assingham, which is a nice triple pun. I'm sorry, but I can't get upset over the silly little word at all. A clean Match Game would be an abomination. Any real profanity gets bleeped out, anyway.

      I hadn't noticed Baldwin looking at the camera much. Just the opposite, in fact. He often seems unaware (or disdainful) of which camera he's on.

    3. Well we teach kids not to say ass lol. Boobs was one thing. I did notice in the second episode Alec did get bleeped out.

      But honestly, you can't watch game shows with the family anymore. "Dad, what's ass?" "Dad, what's a ____?"

      70s Match Game was, really, a family show compared to this. My dad was in his teens when he watched.

      Again, I have no problem with the words, but when you go on and on with it, then it's not funny.

      Why call a show FAMILY feud when it's a feud to who can say the dirtiest thing? Call me a prude, which I'm not. That's just my opinion.

      Thanks for the literature references Alex Trebek. (Wink)

      I see what you're saying, but this is different. This is game shows. This isn't literature.

    4. Yeah, lots of kids nowadays don't know what "ass" means. You might be able to find three of them, maybe. And take your "Trebek" put-down and stuff it...well, I won't say it because the word offends you.

  2. It doesn't offend me, and I was only kidding with the Trebek thing.

    You have no idea what offends me. You don't get it. You figure "well that's the way TV is now".

    When I was a young kid, I didn't exactly know what ass meant. Now it might be different.

    The only thing that offends me is swearing like it's a part of the everyday English language. I mean F bombs, stuff like that. Ass isn't as bad, I say that a lot. But TV is TV. Game shows are game shows. They used to be fun.

    It's useless. My points are becoming useless here. I'm done. *takes a deep breath*

  3. I'll say one more thing, it may be 2016 but it's a lack of class and a lack of character. Now I'm done.

  4. Arguing with the better-than-you Casey Abell is useless. He's not happy unless he's arguing. Been that way for years.

    1. That sounds a lot like this country today. People aren't happy unless they are arguing, talking over each other, or calling people names because we disagree.

      Casey has never called me any names to my recollection, I have, but sarcastically more like it.

      This is Casey's blog, but still. And to use the term Scott used and what sounds a lot like Casey's "older is better" slogan, Casey thinks hes better than everyone on the game show internet.

      I've never seen him apologize anywhere for anything ever.

      Enough of that though. Belittling won't get me anywhere.

    2. Gotta admit, this made my day. Robert Truskey (of all people) is complaining about folks arguing too much. Robert spends endless hours arguing about game shows. This thread is just one example of many.

      Also, I'm not sure if this "Scott Rahner" is the same Scott Rahner of Game Show Network News. There seem to be a couple of them running around the game show Interwebs lately.

    3. Endless hours? You make me laugh. Game shows aren't my life. I'm not even as interested in them as I once was, but obviously I still am a little or I wouldn't be commenting.

      I simply meant that, arguing is healthy, but you give me the impression my opinions are trash and not worth your time. You aren't happy unless you are the one who's right or the one who gets the last word.

      It just seems to me that you want people to agree with you or "go to hell".

    4. That's your attitude, not mine. I let you come onto my blog and toss personal insults ("Trebek") at me. But if you expect to get away with no disagreement, that's too bad.

      And I'll allow the "go to h---" comment but you're pushing this blog's listed policy against profanity...and you know you're pushing it. So knock it off.

    5. Come on, it's not that bad a word. It's just like ass.

      If you know me, I don't come on here and swear nonstop. I have no problem with disagreements, but again you misunderstand the points I'm trying to make so forget it.

      Hey, you think the Trebek one was bad? Jeez.

      Forget it though. I'm sorry. I apologize for using "profanity" and "attacking" you.

    6. If h--- is "bad", heaven is bad. :)

    7. You never know when to let it go. This argument is over.

    8. You're right, it is over. Nevertheless I do apologize. I realize that maybe I have overstepped my boundaries a lot. I do want to end this with a simple apology.


    9. ^^^^Not the real Scott Rahner. Just take a look at the Blogger profile:

      The real Scott Rahner's Blogger profile (me) started in well before 2016.

      A statement will be made about this at GameShowNetworkNews on Saturday morning. Also, check out this @greatgameshows Tweet:

  5. I saw Alec's version of Match Game and I loved it but I can only see some of it because I have to be at work. Alec's Match Game and Michael's Pyramid are not that bad, really they're not. Both Alec and Michael are good hosts.

  6. I cannot stand Alec Baldwin, but he is stepping into Rayburn's shoes well. I think he gets the joke like Gene did...there isn't much of a game there, just have fun with it. (Some of the "humor" is over the top)

    I also cannot stand the unlikable Rosie O'Donnell, but she's quite good on this. She is genuinely concerned of a contestant's success.

    I love everything about Pyramid...beautiful set, Strahan is a good host....doesn't make himself the star, and while I have no clue who most of the "celebrities" are most have been excellent.

    I think we're seeing an ABC tradition if the numbers hold.