Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hit the road, Jack

Has The Price is Right's live show visited every city, town and hamlet in the land?

It often seems that way. Whenever I need a TPiR item for the faux tweets, I can usually rely on Google News to cough up an upcoming live show somewhere sometime. In fact, I feel a little guilty about using the items because they're so easy to find. Sure enough, a couple more stories have just cropped up about TPiR's journeys to Nebraska and Spokane. (The Spokane item offers a rather humorous picture of a pre-diet Drew Carey.)

A variant on the theme is the recent interview with Mark Walberg - which I also used for a faux tweet - about his frequent host gigs on the TPiR live show. He enjoys the hoopla and gameplay. "There is something wonderful about the escapism of playing a game." Especially that game with all the merchandise.

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