Friday, July 8, 2016

Funny obit

A deep thinker on a site called Koalition - can't anybody spell a word right anymore? - opines: "It's fair to think of game shows as things of the past."

He's obviously right. I can't find a game show to watch anywhere on TV...except on cable, in syndication, and on broadcast. This must mean that I'm living in the past, along with ABC, CBS, GSN, Steve Harvey, Drew Carey, Pat and Vanna, etc., etc.

I thought about sending this brilliant critic the list of this week's most watched broadcast TV shows, which puts three traditional game shows in the top fifteen. Or the list of the top syndie shows of the week, which puts three game shows in the top five. But he would probably accuse me of filching the lists from a 1978 Nielsen report.

Anyway, the superb pundit goes on to say that game shows somehow struggle on as computer apps. Which is reassuring for such a dead and/or dying genre. Pay no attention to all those people watching game shows on TV. Apps are where it's at.

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