Saturday, July 16, 2016

EW plugs Match Game

Entertainment Weekly is not exactly famous for hard-hitting criticism. It's a show biz rag (or site) that tends to burble with joy over whatever it's covering. So it's not a surprise that this EW account of a Match Game taping overflows with gushy enthusiasm.

The review does offer a few bits of info amid all the fawning. Alcohol flowed freely for the panelists, which maintains the boozy tradition of the hallowed 1973-82 Match Game. The taping took about two hours, and to keep the audience interested, the showrunners awarded a Starbucks gift card. Only fifteen bucks but it was the thought that counted.

The story raves about panelist Leslie Jones in particular. "She was all over the place." Uh-oh. I sense one of those attention hogs who can ruin an ensemble show like Match Game. Let's hope that any excessive scenery-chewing got edited out.

The review also praises Alec Baldwin, which I can agree with. He's kept his worst impulses under control and has been a surprisingly good host.


  1. Did Match Game tape in New York or Los Angeles? I went to a Pyramid taping in New York and would be interested in doing a Match Game taping if they tape there ever again.

    1. I'm pretty sure they taped in New York.