Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ethics schmethics

Our little genre had a little ethics problem some time ago, as you may recall.

We're more ethical nowadays, it seems. Not when it comes to politics or government or anything important, of course. But when it comes to morning TV talk shows, boy, we're as ethical as the July days are long. The legal eagles at ABC have made Pyramid host Michael Strahan give up his commercial endorsement deals.

They don't want any evil stain on Good Morning America, where Strahan will be the new host. After all, Michael will introduce cooking segments and show biz people plugging their latest movies. Those plugs and recipes must be free from even the appearance of impropriety.

If you detect some sarcasm, you detect right. The idea that a morning talker has to be purer than the driven snow is beyond silly. It's laughable to think that even the real news shows from the establishment media live up to any true standards of honesty or fairness.

Michael Strahan won't miss the endorsement money too much. Network TV stars rarely need food stamps. But this "ethics" dustup is still hilarious.

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