Sunday, July 17, 2016


This blog likes to explore obscure nooks of the game show world. Such as Wheel of Farming.

In case you're wondering about this little-known format, it's part of an Urban Farming exhibit in Rockford, IL. The name of the show is "EIEIO Family Friday" - they made up the title, not me - and it helps "explore life on the farm with the family." There's a petting zoo and a couple game shows, including the WoF effort already mentioned and Guess That Grain. Just a hunch, but in the latter game you might have to guess which grain produced which kernels.

While the game shows are going on, there are other activities. "Kids can play with their food, turn their fingerprints into a cow, play in the mud and create a crazy hat." When I was a kid I played with my food all the time, especially the vegetables. (Hated broccoli and still do.) I didn't wait for a show to come to town.

Pat and Vanna probably won't turn up for Wheel of Farming. Neither of them seem very rural.

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