Sunday, July 3, 2016

Different degrees of pop culture

On a pop culture site called Elite Daily, a writer seems somewhat shocked that a Kanye West question on Jeopardy stumped the contestants.

"One would think anyone with internet access would have known the name of Kanye's latest album, by sheer virtue of how often his name comes up," the writer harrumphs. He also tosses in an annoying, ageist and condescending comment. "Now, yes, Jeopardy seems like it only features contestants who are over 40, who spend way more nights retiring to their studies — because you know they definitely have studies instead of living rooms — than they do watching MTV."

This guy never saw the teen and college tournaments on Jeopardy, I guess. He obviously spends far more time rotting his brain on MTV than watching a game show that actually requires people to use their brains.

Oh, I'm turning too grumpy in my old age. Different strands of pop culture for different folks, right? But the writer's attitude does get irritating.

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