Saturday, July 23, 2016


Being a dedicated game show blogger, I stayed up for the Comic-Con Double Dare live feed. It happened at 9:30 PM Pacific time, which meant a pretty late night here in the pokey old Central time zone.

Marc Summers ran the proceedings with his usual competence and enthusiasm. Things got a little, er, gamy at one point, and I'm not talking about kid games. But mostly it was innocent and dumb fun, like those nostalgic Nick shows should be.

The contestants were millennial Nick performers, who seemed bemused by all the goofy goings-on. There were trivia questions and physical challenges - my favorite was the guy sitting on balloons - which all led up to the race through the ultra-dorky obstacle course. The red team took home the final honors. It just wasn't the blue team's night.

Maybe the most entertaining part of the show was the comment stream that scrolled next to the herky-jerky video. Nick-nostalgia sufferers united to express their mad glee that Double Dare was back, if only for a half-hour at Comic-Con. I've never read so many happy happy joy joy gurglings. Well, the idea is to have a good time, isn't it?

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