Thursday, July 7, 2016

A tale of Sin City

A long story in the Las Vegas Review-Journal welcomes Millionaire to the gambling Mecca.

The venerable quizzer will start taping its new season of 175 eps at Bally's this month, in the Jubilee Theater. Among other factoids, we learn that the air conditioning "will be cranked up to 11." I've been in Vegas in the summer, and I can believe it. There are also lots of quotes from showrunner James Rowley about the perfect Millionaire contestant. "It's not necessarily a game of smarts. What it really is is a game of range. So if you know a little bit about a lot of things, you will do a lot better than someone who is an expert on X or Y."

I only know a little about a few things, so I probably shouldn't try out for the show. Speaking of tryouts, the show wants lots of Vegas contestants because they're so "diverse." I thought Las Vegas residents were mostly interested in just one thing - the theory of probability - but I could be wrong.

The story rehashes the checkered history of syndie Millionaire, including the host roulette of the past few seasons. And it ends on an ominous note about Vegas-based game shows. "Let's Make a Deal at the Tropicana, Hollywood Squares at the Riviera and Caesar's Challenge at, well, Caesars each only lasted a year." The Nielsen news hasn't been all that great for Millionaire lately. Let's hope the Vegas curse doesn't claim another victim.


  1. Monty Hall's version of LMAD was taped at the then-Las Vegas Hilton during its final season (1976-77). The newer Wayne Brady version only taped its first season at the Trop before moving to Hollywood.

  2. If you came here to Vegas and talked to the locals you would see that we are just like any other city. Locals seldom go to the Las Vegas Strip unless they're going to a show or gourmet dinner. We have regular jobs (I was a Finance specialist at the local water department for 25 years), have regular families, lead regular lives. We welcome our visitors because they keep taxes and the cost of living low for us.

  3. It's interesting that they are already assuming they will be renewed past this year, never mind be in Vegas for future seasons.

  4. I'm not happy to hear because New York is way closer to me than Vegas. Hopefully, Pyramid will return and stay in NY unlike CBS's Password. Let's have some game show presence on the East Coast. Why should the West Coast have all the fun?