Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A mind is a terrible thing to waste

I don't follow the twists and turns of the GSN schedule very closely any more.

The nice lady at the network sends me the advance schedules and I post them in the sidebar and that's pretty much it. If you want close analysis of the schedule changes, there's always Game Show Network News. Scott Rahner does a fine job of tracking all the shifts and switches.

But I couldn't help noticing one small change in the new schedules I got from GSN yesterday. A couple Mind of a Man reruns slip into the schedule at 2:00 AM on Friday night (actually, Saturday morning).

If you don't remember this short-lived DeRay Davis effort, don't feel too bad. The show came and went in the twinkling of a man's eye back in 2014. Even YouTube, which remembers everything, only offers a few short clips. I used one of the video clips for the screenshot.

Mind of a Man was trivial and goofy, which aren't necessarily bad qualities for a game show. GSN promoted it pretty heavily but the ratings cratered in a hurry and the show vanished. I have no clue why the network is bringing it back for a few insomniacs and/or drunks in the wee hours. But if this thing can return - though only in reruns - maybe there's hope for a comeback of The Chase and Catherwood Chain Reaction.


  1. I'm surprised GSN is bringing this show back in reruns. I know in summer 2014, they grinded the reruns to hell and back. Well, at least it's only late Friday nights.

    About your last post, I did notice later Match Game episodes in the 70s where Dawson didn't look pleased. I guess that's where his ego reached Mt. Rushmore. I thought him and Gene Rayburn had a falling out or something. Also, I read some of the Feud staff said he was a prick to work with.

  2. Why can't GSN air Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy onto their schedule?

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