Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Truthful review

ABC finally relented and let me watch the first ep of To Tell the Truth on their website.

Well, they sort of relented. The playback crapped out after the first segment, and I got tired of waiting for the site to discombobulate itself. By then I had figured out the basic idea of the show, anyway. Which was pretty much to copy the classic format...a little louder than before.

Host Anthony Anderson brought along his mother (who I can live without) and Betty White as one of the panelists. The show started with a nice tribute to Betty, which luckily did not linger for too long. The other three panelists were the typical minor TV celebs. (They're still a lot more major than me.)

The first three civvie contestants included a guy who dated Taylor Swift in high school. The questioning was the usual hit-or-miss effort. One difference from the classic format was that panelists fired off questions more or less at random, instead of taking turns. This just made the process seem more meandering, which has always been my problem with the TTTT format.

When it came time to vote, the panel goofed completely. Nobody nailed the right ex-boyfriend. Even Betty got it wrong. Can't win 'em all.

Anderson was reasonably funny, the panelists were okay, and one of the civvie impostors had a thing for Taylor Swift's mom. Or at least that's what he pretended. He was lying, after all.

UPDATE: To Tell the Truth lost a little Nielsen altitude in its second week. 4.11M viewers and a 0.9 18-49 rating. Not terrible for summer fare but hardly a hit.


  1. These shows were taped about a year ago and we all know Betty is 120 or so. Any thoughts on how they would have handled this had Betty passed, say late last year? Personally I feel it would have been very awkward to wait until now to air these.

    1. The show was all right. Anderson was good and to be honest, I don't think his mother was that big of a distraction. Although I don't why there was a house band. But heck, if Hollywood Game Night has one, I guess TTTT can have a band as well. Hopefully it holds up at 10 pm.

    2. Well, Betty is "only" 94 and seems to be in good health. So ABC probably figured it wasn't too much of a risk. And, yeah, they made sure that Anthony Anderson's mother didn't get a lot of air time.