Monday, June 13, 2016

Those were the days

Millenials are proving just as prone to nostalgia as any other generation. They seem especially fond of the kid TV shows they grew up with. As the first true cable generation, gifted with 57 channels (and somethin' on), they recall 1990s Nickelodeon shows as if they were all classics.

Well, a few of them were really good. Like Legends of the Hidden Temple, lovingly noted in this listicle on a pop culture site.
Legends was something special, a game show that captured the imagination with the stories behind its challenges. Nothing even remotely similar exists on Nickelodeon today. We can only hope that the upcoming Legends of the Hidden Temple movie will lead to a reboot of the show, and inspire a new generation of children.
"Inspire" looks like a mighty big word. I would just settle for "entertain" and leave inspiration to more personal sources. But Legends is my personal fave among kid game shows, and that includes them all. I also hope that the scripted TV movie leads to some more actual game show eps. But I'm not holding my breath until I turn blue (barracuda).

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