Friday, June 10, 2016

The final frontier

The Wheelmobile is just the first step.

In Oklahoma City, a final tryout round happened for about sixty of the thousands of people who turned out for Wheel of Fortune's initial contestant search in the city. As you might expect if you read casting calls, the contestant supervisor laid down the law. "We want energy, we want enthusiasm, we want people who are going to be smiling and clapping and having a good time of it."

Everybody sure seemed pretty happy and smiley at the tryout. A little discouragingly, only a few of the finalists will get the coveted letter summoning them to that studio which is smaller than it looks and that wheel which is just so heavy.

But why not go for it? Okay, there's a chance you could crash and burn in game show infamy, like the more clueless puzzle-solvers who have left their mark on YouTube. And there's also a chance you could win a fair amount of money and throw one hellacious viewing party. Sounds like a risk worth taking.

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