Sunday, June 26, 2016

Return of the greatest?

Any reader of this blog knows my favorite game show ever is the 1973-82 version of Match Game. And that includes everything.

No surprise, but I can report that my favorite remains unchanged after ABC's remake of the blank fest. But the new version with Alec Baldwin was hardly a disaster, in my blanking humble opinion. In fact, I downright enjoyed the premiere.

It will probably be impossible for any remake to live up to the '70s version in the estimation of the Internet. Gene and Brett and Charles and Richard (at least before Mr. Dawson went sour) exist in some unapproachable pantheon of MG wonderfulness, and any new version has to fall millions of light-years short. Fair enough, but the ABC hour produced some genuine humor and a nice surprise from the host. Alec Baldwin can actually crack wise without irritating everybody or causing lawsuits and police action.

The panel was fine, even if JB Smoove showed camera-hogging tendencies (which were not allowed to get out of hand). Rosie O'Donnell took over the Dawson role as the go-to panelist for the super match. She came up with the best answers for the big money, but the civvies couldn't get the hang of it. Too bad, though the failures helped keep the prize budget under control. The other panelists played reasonable supporting parts, and everybody looked happy enough.

The questions were raunchy, of course, as they should be on Match Game. No, Uranus should never appear as a gag line anywhere in game shows. But I got an evil snicker even from the unfortunately named planet.


  1. I liked Baldwin as host. His snark and sarcastic style of humor is a good fit. For the Baldwin Brothers one, I thought one of the celebs was going to say they are A-holes. The show was fun and a good way to pass a hour. My opinion, but I did like how the Price Is Right wrong buzzer would go off if a contestant didn't match with the celeb.

  2. One caveat: the show went left politically, as you would expect from Alec Baldwin and Rosie O'Donnell. We'll see if they try to balance things out in future eps. You don't want to p.o. half of the audience.

  3. There were a few cringe worthy moments in the show that would make Mark Goodson spin in his grave, but, all in all, it's the best remake of the show since the CBS version went off. Spectacular set, Baldwin was a pleasant surprise by being likeable for once. Even Rosie O'Donnell, a hugely unlikeable person, got into the game and truly got it. From the set to the music to the host, a solid show. Just can the guy in the old Dawson seat. No idea who he is, but he was the only irritant on the show. Enjoyable.

  4. A couple more links. ABC is gurgling with joy over various multi-year summertime highs for Pyramid and Match Game...

    And a Yahoo review makes the same point as I did about Match Game's political slant...