Thursday, June 2, 2016

Pyramid celebs

ABC has released the list of celeb players for the Pyramid remake due June 26.

My first impression is that they got some of the better players from Celebrity Name Game. I counted nine celebs with experience on the show, and I might have missed a few. Makes sense, as Craig Ferguson's effort is a lively Pyramid knockoff.

The list seems a little ritzier in celeb terms than the usual roster on Celebrity Name Game, though. But I might be imagining what constitutes "ritzier" celebs. I'm happy to report that Weird Al Yankovic will show up for an episode. It's hard to go wrong with Weird Al.

A few past and future game show hosts dot the list: Sherri Shepherd, Anthony Anderson, Terry Crews, Alfonso Ribeiro, Kevin Pollak. It's a little surprising how many people end up hosting a game show sooner or later. Our little genre goes though a lot of masters of ceremonies.

Everybody seems to agree that the reboot will maintain the classic gameplay almost intact. Which will please traditionalists and doesn't bother me all that much. Though I wish producers didn't think they have to keep formats frozen forever.

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